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Marine Industries Lack Faith in Artificial Intelligence Amid Spur Growth

Artificial Intelligence has received a regenerative interest in the tech industries as the new-age tech startups are starting to make their mark in several industries in the US. But before they express their predicament, they have to surpass the trustworthiness of the Marine Corps. Alas all the efforts by the AI supremacists, Marine Corps are not indulging in utilizing the AI technology. Whether it’s the sensor to shooter or fueling to a frontline unit, the Marine Corps put humans in the 16 places of work as they do not trust the AI technology.

“We’re going to have to trust Artificial Intelligence,” Commandant Gen. David Berger said during remarks at the National Defense Industrial Association’s Expeditionary Warfare Conference in February. “We’re not trusting today.”

The best way the AI tech startups could gain the trust of the Marine Industries is to introduce Marines train machines. Commandant Gen. David Berger insisted on not going for the AI technologies now. Whereas on the other hand, Brig. Gen. Eric Austin, director of the Marine Corps Capabilities Development Directorate contradicted the statement and said that building faith in artificial intelligence will unlock its potential.

Artificial intelligence could unleash its limits to the Marine service, by citing through large quantities of data to providing the commanders with targeted information. Intelligence could store and retrieve large data for Marine’s deployed forces. Artificial Intelligence is the best in the world when it comes to intelligence analysis.

The Marine Corps is developing tools to process vast amounts of data, provide rapid situational awareness to relieve cognitive burdens. The officials also noted that the intelligence could also be unveiled for force protection. Austin also sights more empathizing the advantages of artificial intelligence. The Marine Corps is looking forward to moving beyond just AI analytics and pursue systems that can make recommendations rapidly.

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