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Marco Rubio Points Incompetency of the Biden Administration 

The Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio has expressed his concerns over how the Biden administration has failed. He said that the administration practically handed over an air force providing the Taliban with Equipment the group never had. The insurgent group that took over Kabul, the capital of Afghan, has acquired massive quantities of U.S. military equipment.

The United States had provided some advanced and high-performance military aid to the Afghan military in order to aid them in war. However, the Afghan military could not use the weaponry and other equipment provided by the U.S. to win the war and instead collapsed.

Besides the brutality of the war itself, it also led to a very undesired consequence. Taliban effectively captured all the equipment, including 23 A-29 ground attack aircraft. Along with this, 45 Black Hawk helicopters, with an additional 50 MD-530 helicopters, were reported to be in possession of the Taliban. The group has also been successful in snatching dozens of U.S. drones.Marco believes that due to the incompetency of the Biden administration in heeding intelligence warnings Taliban now possesses a stronger collective of equipment.

The insurgent group has more Black Hawk helicopters as compared to 85% of countries worldwide.Marco Rubio has stated that the Biden administration has failed miserably to anticipate something was, in fact, quite obvious. President Joe Biden is also assumed to have neglected all the warnings that reports suggest were given by several U.S. intelligence officials. He also said that the Taliban was moving faster towards capturing Kabul for good.

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