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John Deere Pilots Intel’s AI Tech for Much Better Performance

John Deere, the heavy equipment maker has been at the center of the evolution of the manufacturing industries since the 1830s. He is now working with Intel to prosper a new complexion to bring Ai into its manufacturing process. The pilot project is demonstrating the outlook of Intel’s IoT solutions. The primitive aspect of the project is how it can help usher in a more digitized industrial era.

In today’s scenario, the modernization in the digital setup has moved faraway places. John Deere is looking to further intensify its manufacturing process by using computer vision to speed up a slow and costly yet crucial update. The preliminary report suggests that the AI tech would be witnessing the spotting of defects in its automated welding process. The next big step-up showcases the capability to correct those defects immediately.

“The AI solution has the potential to help us produce our high-quality machines more efficiently than before,” said Andy Benko, quality director for John Deere’s Construction & Forestry Division in a statement made on Thursday.

The involvement of new and effective AI technologies is changing the countenance of the manufacturing industries. Such a revolution hasn’t been enforced for years now. Although the manufacturers have previously experimented with automated systems to look for defects, they stereotactically produce high rates of false positives.

Finding the technicians for resolving the problem could be a bad headache for the manufacturing industries. It could prove to be much more challenging in large factory setups due to large compliance on accuracy. The pilot project began last year at One of John Deere’s Construction and Forestry plants. The project suggests that using Intel’s AI tech has helped in detecting porosity defects with up to 97.14 percent accuracy.

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