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Jackson Institute Connecticut announces Schmidt Program Focused on AI and Emerging Technologies

The Schmidt Program announced that it will establish Schmidt Program that will foster AI and cyber-focused research and teaching. The program will serve as a hub for scholars and practitioners. The participants can work research and teaching and study the potential implications of AI.

The interdisciplinary program will help the participants better understand the technical concepts associated with AI and other emerging technologies and will help better interaction with the students from STEM community. The program is developed to help students of Jackson Institute understand how the cybersecurity and AI are changing the world.

The program will invite the tech professionals and practitioners to Yale as senior fellow at the Schmidt Program. Most importantly, the institute will offer fellowships to the visiting scholars of Schmidt Program. The Schmidt Program will initially conduct research on AI, cyberwarfare, and US-China relation and competition in the field of AI. In addition to this, the program will also offer courses in AI and other emerging technology along with AI and technology workshops, conferences, etc. Under the program the tech professionals and practitioners will also study the international relations and challenges and try to understand how AI affects political relations, national security, and geopolitical tensions.

The program is brought up by Schwab Charitable Fund through donation of $15.3 Million by Eirc and Wendy Schmidt. In March 2021, Eric and Wendy Schmidt donated $150 Million to Board Institute for conducting research study on biology using data science and AI for developing new solutions to combat diseases.

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