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Ipswich Fire Receives Green Signal to Upgrade Communication Equipment

The Ipswich Fire Department has received an enormous $15,000 to purchase communication equipment. The grant awarded under the state Department of Fire Services will allow Ipswich Fire to acquire a vehicle-mounted reporter for two of its engines.”Concise and clear communications between the dispatch center and fire personnel is key to a successful outcome,” Ipswich fire Chief Andy Theriault said in a statement. “The vehicle repeater system will improve portable radio coverage in those areas of town where it is lacking now.”

The grant allows the Fire Department to purchase tools designed to make firefighters Jobs easier. Ipswich is among one of  300 fire departments across the state and several on the North shore to have been awarded such a grant. In the statement, while announcing the grant, state Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey said that the money couldn’t have come at a better time.

The financial constraints have impacted the Massachusetts municipalities severely, but this could mitigate some of the mounting pressure. The affluent funding will bridge the financial gap in many departments. Alongside Ipswich Fire other departments have also been awarded a grant to overcome the harsh repercussions due to trade restrictions.  Departments in Beverly, Danvers, Hamilton, Peabody, and Salem have also been the recipient of the grant.

The officials are making sure that the departments increase their services bandwidth which could directly impact the state’s growth. Around $4 million has been awarded to departments statewide for efficiently serving their duties. It’s confining that the department wasn’t given these grants as a part of a loan which they have to pay back despite the income. The equipment that has been built includes gear washers and dryers, thermal imaging cameras, and personal protective clothing. With a wide range of investments flowing in, the crumbling situation could improve.

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