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iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 14, let’s find out

This exclusive comparison will help you choose the right iPhone. Apple launches a new iPhone every year. But this does not mean the previous one vanished into thin air. With the release of the new iPhone each year, the previous model becomes cheaper for users to buy. As of now, Apple has not developed two iPhones with almost twin features and accessibility like it had made for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Here’s a quick comparison on which one to buy that fits your requirements perfectly.

iPhone 14 comes in a bigger size than that of iPhone 13. The display size of the iPhone is somewhere around 6.1 to 6.7 inches (varies from Max to Pro), whereas the display size of iPhone 13 is 5.4 inches to 6.1 inches (again varying from Max to Pro). Both of these iPhones have similar processors i.e., A15 Bionic. Other common features are the availability of internal storage, and cameras (both rear and front).

As far as connectivity is concerned, both the iPhones are capable of connecting to 5G network and WIFI 6 but iPhone 14 connectivity is accessible to Bluetooth 5.3, whereas the bluetooth connectivity of iPhone 13 is only till 5.0. is available in Blue, purple, midnight, starlight, and red colors. And iPhone 13 is available in Pink, blue, midnight, starlight, green and red colors. This clearly tates iPhone 13 provides much more color range to choose from.

Apple always takes care of customers’ safety.iPhone 14 provides emergency SOS safety through satellite as well as crash detection. However, the iPhone 13 only provides emergency SOS for safety. Concludingly, if you are just a picture-addict, switching to the new iPhone 14 wouldn’t be a smart decision. But if you are constantly using your mobile and need to get an upgrade in terms of display or safety rules, it’s recommended to switch things up a bit.

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