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IoT Colossal Firm Ubiquiti hit by Calamitous Data Invasion

An anonymous whistleblower has confirmed that IoT specialists Ubiquiti massively undervalued its recent data breach. In January 2021, Ubiquiti urged its customers to change their passwords after a susceptible incident took place at the third-party cloud provider. It is claimed that the invasion may be a repercussion to the exposure.

Apparently, it was a false narrative guided out by the IoT specialists Ubiquiti with an aim to upheave the share prices. The information was given at the behest of the company’s legal department. According to the letter presented by the whistleblower, all Ubiquiti devices were at an alarming risk of getting hacked.

The whistleblower claimed that the attackers had gained administrative access to Ubiquiti’s cloud server at Amazon Web Services. The allegations went on further as the latter stated that it got access to all S3 bucket logs, all applicable logs, and user database credentials.

IoT specialists Ubiquiti noticed unnecessary malicious content in their service in late December last year. After running tests, they found a backdoor left by the intruders. The throttling of the backdoor popped up a ransom note from the intruder threatening to expose the breach along with the credentials of another backdoor. Ubiquiti didn’t indulge in conversations with the intruder and instead find the solution to close the backdoor.

“Ubiquiti had negligent logging (no access logging on databases) so it was unable to prove or disprove what they accessed, but the attacker targeted the credentials to the databases and created Linux instances with networking connectivity to said databases,” wrote the whistleblower in the letter. He reiterated the backlash inflamed last year to the company’s legal department that overrode repetitive requests to take strict action.

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