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IoT Adoption Becoming Inevitable in the Competitive Tech World

Prescient devices automate a low-code framework that allows companies to build IoT and edge computing initiatives. It provides the companies the leverage to continue efficiently working without even contemplating the idea of building their software.  In essence, the company is thinking out of the box as it provides a programming IoT infrastructure.

“Every company wants IoT, but can’t figure out how to do it,” said co-founder and CEO Andy Wang. The company inaugurated its service back in 2018, and Prescient devices have been working on improving its technology for a couple of years. The software is indeed much easier to use, but the complexion in the technology is quite prevalent.

While Prescient Devices’ cloud software allows users to have a programmable, complete IoT solution, the company does not make the adjacent hardware, Wang said. Instead, the company partners with several hardware manufacturers, creating fully compatible sensors and edge devices, he added.

Prescient devices have been a compelling force but their tech has hindered its progress and that’s why the company has been shifting to adoption. The company is initiating the opportunity to boost its marketing and sales, as well as research and development. The funds will also help the company in bolstering the idea of supporting the new version of its software. The new community is being driven by about two dozen of companies as of now.

Wang also asserted that the adoption and growth plans of services could help the Prescient devices in deploying a strategy for Series A as early as late this year, and even could move to the first quarter in 2022. The markets are driving more competition, as more startups are offering the services to the companies to build their IoT efforts.

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