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Internet of Things Startup Prospering to Combat Threatening Global Issues

The Internet of Things is collaborating with a Dutch Startup to help combat some of the biggest problems facing the world today. The Startup being led by a team of satellite experts to come up with IoT solutions to some of the world’s hard-to-reach places. The company’s mission would be accomplished by an injection of $26 million in funding.

The funding would be sourced by raising EUs and private investment. It would help Hiber EV to expand its satellite network and grow its customer base. Hiber EV through its satellite networking base would reflect a positive impact on global issues.

“Every year, 30 percent of food production is lost or wasted and 33 percent of oil wells experience leakages,” explains Coen Janssen, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Hiber. The technology developed coils for monitoring pressure, humidity, and temperature.

The Chief Strategy Officer explained the impotence of space innovation while briefing the inculcation of IoT tech in the company’s system.  He further stated how could it presumably solve important global problems and improve lives. Through the application of the nanosatellites orbiting 600 km above the earth, the technology powers low cost and low modulation. The internet modem batteries have a lasting configuration of 5-10 years.

Hiber contemplates solving the biggest problems surrounding the tech space. Recently, it has launched its fourth satellite, Hiber Three, which was put into orbit by a Soyuz rocket. The company, after the launch, stated its contentment and informed that the launch took place on March 22. The European Innovation Council Fund (EIC Fund), the EU’s innovation agency, being able to award Hiber a share of its €278 million Innovation Fund enables the EU to have an influential role in the global space industry.

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