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IBM Quantum Network Joins LG for researching AI, IoT and More

LG Electronics has joined IBM Quantum Network, the company announced on Monday. The two businesses will collaborate to investigate how quantum computing may be applied to a wide range of applications, including IoT, data, AI, and robots. LG Electronics will gain access to IBM quantum computing systems, expertise, and “Qiskit” open-source quantum information software development kit as part of the three-year arrangement.

“We want to use IBM Quantum to enhance our proficiency in quantum computing as part of our open innovation policy,” said Byoung-Hoon Kim, LG Electronics’ CTO and executive vice president. “By utilising quantum computing technologies in future enterprises, we hope to provide customers with value they haven’t had before.” LG Electronics has stated that it intends to investigate quantum computing’s applications in high-data-processing tools such as AI, linked cars, digital transformation, IoT, and robotics.

The two firms also stated that it would be a “workforce training” opportunity for LG personnel, who will try to apply the technology to a variety of industries. It’s an exciting time for quantum computing in Korea and around the region, according to Jay Gambetta, IBM VP of quantum computing. LG Electronics will be able to investigate new types of difficulties related with developing technologies as a result of and LG Electronics’ partnership, which will help Korea’s quantum capabilities.

LG Electronics has joined a group of over 170 firms that are collaborating with IBM quantum computing tools, which include the recently announced Eagle quantum computing processor with 127 qubits. Quantum computing is a fascinating advancement in computing. While classical computers calculate in bits that represent 0 and 1, quantum computers use qubits to tackle issues that are fundamentally unsolvable for classical computers by utilising quantum mechanical phenomena such as interference and entanglement in computation.

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