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How the Creators of Fortnite Are Revolutionising Communication

The creators of the globally popular game Fortnite have launched a new motion called twin motion. The real-time visualization platform seeks to revolutionize how un-built projects are communicated. It is launched to unleash the user’s creative potential, the software’s interface has been designed to enable architects, designers, and students at all levels to create high-quality 3D images themselves.

“Twinmotion is a great example of a highly complex design tool that had been reworked in a simplified form, enabling users to focus more on the creative element than the technical element,’ Belinda Ercan, Twinmotion Product Marketing Manager tells news outlets in an interview.

Twinmotion provides promising architectural visualization in just a few clicks, and it also enables a one-click sync plugin to bring in data from most BIM AND CAD programs. From there, materials can easily be selected according to the preference and vegetation and easily added to a scene. Meanwhile, seasons and lighting conditions can be changed imminently.It Moreover means that highly realistic visuals can be created within a matter of time with real-time inputs from clients. This new feature aims to streamline workflows further, with the presenter cloud making sharing and receiving design data and feedback easier than ever.

The feature allows you to upload your client presentations and share the data via a URL. The feasibility allows the clients and the users to combine without having any specific knowledge of being tech-savvy. All you need is a browser and a content management tool to handle this effectively trained twin motion. It will work as a powerful workhorse in some of the systems as the version upgrade will vary according to the compatibility of the various devices. However, it remains to be seen when it going to unleash itself in the markets as no comment has been passed yet.

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