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House and Senate State Bills Addressed Driving in Missouri

In 2022, Missouri legislators will consider additional driving limits. New penalties for using a cell phone while driving may be approved by lawmakers. It is only unlawful for drivers under the age of 21 to use their phones while driving. However, Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Mike McClure believes it can be difficult to implement. According to him, troopers can only pull someone over if there are additional issues with their driving, not only because they were texting.

Distracted driving, according to Sgt. McClure, is one of the top three causes of fatal crashes among drivers aged 16 to 21. Don Wilson, a driver, says he sees people texting and driving all the time, and it’s a major issue for him, no matter how careful he is. When driving, Michael Fieth says he tries to stay away from his phone as much as possible.

Pre-filed House Bill 1701 aims to modify some of the legislation governing the use of electronic devices while driving. It would make it illegal for drivers of all ages to use their cellphones while driving. Drivers, on the other hand, are permitted to use the “hands-free” feature. Emergency vehicles and other motor vehicles responding in a commercial capacity to another vehicle’s request for roadside help are exempt from the prohibition on operators using electronic wireless communication devices under the law.

The use of an electronic wireless communication device to contact emergency services or pass information between for-hire operators and their dispatchers would be permitted under House Bill 1701. Individuals under the age of 18 or with an intermediate licence or instruction permit are not allowed to use the devices for anything other than contacting emergency assistance.

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