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Hired and Fired by AI  Algorithm- Shift in the Job Market

The shift in the jobs market has significantly risen due to the hype around AI Algorithms. Artificial Intelligence is the new force that is driving the world currently and is seen to be the answer to almost every problem that exists and can exist in the future. The future of work is robots. Whether it is a blue-collar job that requires technical skills like an electrician, cleaner, etc. or a white-collar job that requires systematic skills or problem-solving based on evidence and analysis and is replicable in nature like lawyers, salespersons, etc. are both replaceable.

Decision-making and problem solving will become simple tasks that will no longer require hours of thinking, processing, analyzing, and evaluating. It can all be done through AI and robots.

A shift in the workforce and the creation of jobs that did not exist earlier is what the future holds in every field where AI is even remotely involved let alone incorporated. Although AI is supposed to make lives easier and increase productivity by eliminating tasks that can be done by simple voice commands or the click of a button, it is also seen to put many people’s sources of income to either vanish completely or die down eventually.

Data will be the new definition of power. Artificial Intelligence when used unsupervised can also be a creator of many problems and deepen some that are now starting to fade slowly. The problems that might exist as a result range from discrimination, misuse of power, unfair treatment, unjust practices, and unintentional treatments based on race, gender, geography, of people.

Therefore, the involvement of humans in stages prior to any such decision is made, still remains crucial. Accountability is something that can be only associated with humans while accuracy and transparency have to be drastically considered if any work is to be dehumanized completely.

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