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Hero Fund Gives New Communication Equipment to North Stonington

Hero Fund U.S.A. is stepping in to help the North Stonington Volunteer Fire Department upgrade their old communications equipment. Equipment and technology in the firefighting community change at a rapid pace. However, the communication system in North Stonington is almost 20 years old. North Stonington has only one fire station. North Stonington, according to Fire Chief Charles Steinhart, is one of Connecticut’s biggest communities, covering 55 square miles and boasting only one old radio tower.

“We can talk from our portable to our radio tower.  I’m in a good position where I am now.  This is a direct link, I key it up it turns green it shows I’m actually connected to the tower,” said Steinhart. There are places in town where firefighters aren’t linked, and this is one of them. For example, along I-95 and the Rhode Island border on the southeast corner, and near Lantern Hill on the west side. North Stonington is financing half of the $27,000 cost of the upgrade and collaborating with Hero Fund U.S.A. to assist fund the other half.

Our objective is to ensure that first responders have all they require so that they may return home to their families after guarding and assisting our friends, neighbours, and families. The radio systems are so old, according to North Stonington First Selectman Mike Urgo, that components are no longer available. With a new fire station and gear in place, town officials say they’re working together to ensure that in three to five years, the community will have 100 percent clear radio coverage.

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