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Here’s how you can set up your eSIM

No physical sim slots in Apple’s iPhone 14 Apple’s latest iPhone series – iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus do not have the physical sim card slots. The company declared in the launch event that the latest series won’t require physicals sim to be inserted in. This eSIM allows the user to use and change the wireless, data or even a service plan through a software instead of inserting the sim card in the slot available on either of the side of the device.

But how do you set it up? Follow these simple steps – Go to the settings of your iPhone 14 and then click add cellular plan. This setting could be also be found by going to settings then mobile data and then add eSIM. After this, you might see a lot of numerical values asking you to change your plan. You can manually select the option of transfer from nearby iPhone too. Enter the verification code that you might receive on your older iPhone Once, you have sent your plan to your new iPhone, the wireless carrier will send a notification to complete the setup.

Notably, most of the new iPhone 14 models would need to be connected with Wifi while turning on the eSIM. Some of the US based wireless carriers may have their individual, own applications for the installation of the eSIM. Currently, the eSIM only iPhone 14 are sold out in the entire country which can be installted by a WI-FI internet connection.

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