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Google to Market Flagship Custom Chip for Smartphones 

New report affirms that Google custom chips for its devices will be launched as early as 2023. The new post also emphasizes designing its own processors. The company is likely to announce its first ever custom chip this fall, with the Pixel 6’s upcoming Tensor SoC.

The newly released details suggest that Google was planning in-house Chromebook chips after it debuted the concept on Pixel phones. Nikkei Asia report also provides additional validation of the details. It also suggests that like the Tensor chip, the Chromebook CPUs will take after Arm; and Google targets making these for both laptops and tablet-style form factors.

This rumor doesn’t mention what the company’s plans are for its custom Chromebook chips or what the company plans to accomplish with its chrome book chips. It has been nearly two years since it released the Pixelbook Go and close to three since its last tablet, the c.The report does note that the company was particularly inspired by Apple’s success in custom chips for both its iPhone and Mac products. The idea of Google accomplishing a similar feat to Apple’s M1 chips for Chromebooks seems like a very intriguing possibility.

Google processors will be based on the Arm architecture just like that of other chip companies such as MediaTek and Qualcomm. The advantage of using its own chip includes being able to more easily customize features for the devices they power. There are reportedly other in-house chip projects underway at Facebook for its Oculus VR headsets and at Microsoft for its servers and laptops.

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