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Google to launch smart home devices with Google Pixel 7 and Pixel watch

Google is all set to launch the new Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel Watch in October with a few of the smart home products too. Google is launching the new Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel Watch on October 6th. During the announcement, Google even said it will be also launching various other smart home devices as a part of its Nest Brand.

The company has not yet revealed the smart home products as of yet and we might only get to know the list until the beginning of next month – October. All the devices will be available to shop from the official Google Store – and also in the physical google stores in New York City.

Rumours say these products will be the cheap Chromecast models but Google tends to keep its Chromecast products separated from its Nest Products. Google claims it will release its list in upcoming weeks.

Google previously said it will be launching the second generation of its Nest Doorbell by the ending of the year 2022, so this may be an option for google to announce as one of the products to be released. Rumours are that google may also launch the new/updated version of Nest Wifi. We still have an entire month to figure out

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