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Google Suggests Places to put the Home and Nest for Best Results

Google has established a full-fledged ecosystem of innovative home products, from the first Home to the ever-expanding number of Nest gadgets. However, stocking your home with Nest Minis, Nest Hubs, and the Home Max begs the question of where to store all of these gadgets.

Nevertheless, there are particular apparent places in your home where a Google Home or Nest device might be helpful. For example, the kitchen (for timers), bedroom nightstand (for alarms), and living room (for dance parties) are all excellent options.

However, I’ve discovered that the intelligent speakers I place in more unusual (or on-the-wall) settings are the ones I use the most. It all started as a joyful accident. I mean, I had to find a place to showcase my six Google Home speakers and two Nest Hubs ($60 at Walmart), right? Why do I need so many thoughtful speakers in a two-bedroom townhouse, you might ask? For one thing, Home is handy almost anywhere, but I wouldn’t have brought a smart speaker to some of my favorite places if it weren’t for my addiction to amazing tech discounts.

When you have a collection of smart speakers, there are a few dangers to avoid. Check out my list of common Google Home pet peeves to avoid too many buzzing alerts. If you do have an extra one or two, experimenting with new places to put them won’t be a waste of time. Here are five of my favorite out-of-the-ordinary locations for Home speakers and displays. Even if I only spend four minutes a day in my garage, there is always a lot going on in those four minutes. It’s convenient to have a Google Home speaker in the garage for any last-minute tasks before I leave, whether I’m coming or going.

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