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Google Meet Raises Alarm for Unexpected Device Echo 

Google has come up with a solution for the most is one of the most prevalent issues during video calls. The company has added a new ability to Google Meet where it will notify users in case an Echo is detected from a system. Google meet will also suggest ideas to stop the echo.

An echo can happen when a device sends back audio into a call. Google Meet will notify about a notable Echo with a red dot on the more options button and text notification. The app will notify you as “You’re causing Echo…get help here”. Once Google Meet shows the red dot on the more options button, users can tap on it to open the Troubleshooting and help page.

Google will offer recommendations like using headphones, lowering your speaker volume, and muting when you’re not the one speaking. The eature is by default available for all users. It will be available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers. It will be launched today out for some users and will eventually be available to all in the next 15 days.

The company shared this post via a blog post. Most of the time, Meet will intelligently control the audio to remove the echo. Sometimes it still happens and causes others to hear an echo from your device when they speak. Google says that until now, it has been difficult for you to know when your device is causing an echo. It also added that they will notify the users if they hear echo from your system to avoid unwanted disturbance for other participants.

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