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Google Maps Updates the Home Widgets for iPhone

Google has recently updated its Google Maps app for iOS to add support for the widgets that could be added to both the Today View and the Home Screen.There are two different widget options introduced and made available to the users from Google Maps.

The first one is the standard search widget and is called “Find Places Nearby”. It allows the people to check the conditions of the internet traffic of the moment, the opening times of nearby and far off stores, the reviews of any particular restaurants, and more for a searched location.

On the other hand, the second option is called “Know before you go”. It has been designed to allow users to find places near their locations like restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and several other locations.The widget can be used to gain up quick access to the directions of one’s home as well, and it has a search interface that offers the input of the directions right from their ‌Home Screen‌ itself.

The Google Maps widget can be accessed by using the “+” button either in the Today View or on the ‌Home Screen‌ after they have downloaded the latest version of the App Store.As compared to Android, the widgets offered on iOS are more interactive.The first-party platform uses these widgets as shortcuts for definite directions, launching the driving mode, the feature of location sharing, and jumping to the nearby traffic as displayed inside the app.

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