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Gmail, Maps widget previewed by Google

Google to preview the widgets of Gmail, Maps and more apps of iOS 16 With the launch of iOS 16 in iPhones recently, Google is all set to review the widgets of various applications including Gmail, Maps and many more along with the new lock screen feature.The simplest Lock Screen widget of Gmail displays the number of “new messages” we have as a circle or a line. A detailed one offers additional customization options and categorizes the email in addition to Chats.

With consideration for preferred mode of transportation, the Frequent Trips widget of Google Maps will offer “real-time traffic reports and predicted trip times to areas like home and work right.” The other widgets in the programme allow users to search for nearby eateries, stores, cafes, or motels.

In addition to give you one-tap access to your starred files and folders, the widget of Google Drive shows up the suggested files for you to open, particularly those that have been shared with you. The next in line is the Google Search widget. It includes filters for voice search and Google Lens that include translation, schoolwork, and shopping.

Similar shortcuts like new or incognito tab, google voice search, and even the iconic Dino game are a few options offered by Chrome widget. The publication is mentioned at the top of Google News’ widget “real-time headlines with a quick glance,” which is its final offering.

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