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Giant Meteor Illuminates the Sky in Norway Briefly with a Sudden Flash of Light 

Norwegian experts spot a large Meteor that illuminated southeast Norway. That  was spotted in many visible parts of southern Scandinavia. They illuminated with the powerful flash of light for a few seconds as many observers reported to hear a roaring sound.The Norwegian  Network said that it had analyzed and reviewed several videos of the event Sunday. They also said that the first appeared about 90 kilometers north of the capital, Oslo, and continued its trail in a southwest direction before fragmenting in several flashes of light.

The network said that the large Meteor appeared at 1:08 a.m. on the night of July 25 and was visible for approximately 5 seconds. Sightings of , space rocks that burn brightly after entering the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, aren’t uncommon over Norway, and the Norwegian  Network has several cameras continuously monitoring the sky.

A Meteor that survives passage to the ground is known as a . Initial data indicated a meteorite might have hit Earth in a large forested area. Humans do not have to worry too much about as they are usually the size of small dust particles or even a boulder at most. But when they pass through Earth’s atmosphere, they create something called a shower, and that can be quite spectacular.

Nasa says that Radar indicates there are 12,000 Meteor on a given night that are about the size of a piece of dust. It is traveling at a speed of 8.2 km per second. The closest point to Earth in its flight will be reached on Sunday. It will be as far away as 3-4 million kilometers from our planet that is not very far from Earth in terms of planetary distances.

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