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Garage Door Controller Gets Access to the IoT Treatment.

The Companies are building custom controllers for automating their Garage Door. Updating an old system is often a convulsion process of trial and error. The companies had to eradicate some peculiar procedures that didn’t pan out as planned. After consistently trying out the same process, the third time proved to be the lucky charm.

The original door-closer logic was pretty straightforward, press the button and the door will move. Supposedly, it is not going out as planned, press the button once again to stop the motor, and indicate it to reverse the direction the third time. It will surely work out. There are so many options to choose from the microcontrollers in the market if you want to add IoT to your project. The StaticTurtle who was carrying out the process opted for an old faithful ESP2866 as the new brains of his controller.

Sensing the direction of the motor sometimes becomes difficult and that is the one thing that the experimenters have to look upon with care. To sense the open or close direction, the StaticTurtle used a pair of back-to-back optocouplers in parallel with the motor terminals.

He shut out the motor supply when he actually found out the exact way in which the door was moving. Finally, a GPIO from the ESP2866 actuates a relay to send the garage door open and close commands.  Which technology used this amazing code for the garage doors to access IoT connection? The code was written using the Arduino IDE and connected the ESP2866 to the MQTT server running on his home automation computer. If the enthusiasts of the project are looking for a deeper insight on the project, then TheStaticTurtle has posted all its resources on the GitHub repository.

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