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Fortnite Team Kicked out from the Championship Series

The Fortnite Championship Series is A significant boost for the pros competing in Epic Games’ battle royale games. The emphasis of this deal is massive as not only millions of dollars are on the line, participating at all guarantees some money for entrants.

An instance exploded where the team wasn’t disqualified and still did not get any amount for participation. On Sunday, FNCS competitor Wrigley posted a cryptic tweet that was aimed against the authorities, that read, “Like literally fucking kill yourself @donaldmustard.” He set crossfire against Epic Game’s chief executive officer for disqualifying his team from the tournament.

Wrigley initiated the attack with his teammates as they were set to have a cold war at the Fortnite Championship Series of ill-abusive tweets on social media. Dictate and Userz was part of a trio that stated that they no longer can take a part in the tournament following Wrigley’s initial outbursts on the scene. The duo was not allowed to continue further, and even find a replacement for the offending team member.According to Userz, Wrigley’s enrage was on account of getting spun in the first game of the grand finals. Since then, there has been no confrontation from Wrigley’s comments, but the largest Fortnite community is spinning the team around resulting in frequent enrages.

Over the past two months, Userz has been grinding hard by practicing 12 hours a day in the prolepsis of the big event. “The prize pool and everything were very motivating to me,” he said. After qualifying, he said that he started grinding “even harder.” The Fortnite Championship  Series was a propelling challenge for many of the battle royal pros, but as it turned out in this case, they get judged unfairly quite frequently these days in the term of favoritism.

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