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Former Google Employee, A Manifesting AI researcher at Apple

Apple has hired Samy Bengio, as one of the prominent tech AI researcher at the company’s headquarters. If the sources are to believed, he used to previously work at Google. According to a new report published by the news outlets, Apple is shifting its based towards launching a new research AI unit, and it would be headed by the new recruit.

The former employee of Google will work directly under John Giannandrea, Apple senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy. Giannandrea also used to work as a team lead at Google before jumping his professional work and set up to Apple in 2018. His roleplay in the whole dilemma of shifting companies is unknown and the reason also has not been crystal-clear.

Apple, in recent years, has rallied its functions towards maximizing the scope of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The same fact was confirmed by the senior vice president when he was interviewed last year. Apple takes a gobbling interest in utilizing machine learning to improve the quality of capturing images from its devices like the iPhone, and iPad.

The AI researchers have been zestful in their work with the ever-changing dynamics of the industry and technology. Bengio was part of a cadre of AI professionals who left Google to protest the company’s firings of its own AI ethics researchers (Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru) after those researchers raised concerns about diversity and Google’s approach to ethical considerations around new applications of AI and machine learning. He was seen expressing his adherence of power to the company as he stood out in firm support of both the alleged employees.

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