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Following the Catastrophe At Google; What’s Next for AI researchers?

A series of unprecedented controversial stories at Google artificial intelligence division could lead the researchers in all sorts of doubts. It could stumble on its ability to attract new researchers, and the worrisome moments might commence kicking the company’s projections into turmoil. Google AI chief Jeff Dean expressed his concerns over the recent blame game and acknowledged that artificial intelligence needs to start working rigorously.

Following the manifest of the company’s ambitious plans to expand its widget in AI ethics, Google has to deal with some more torment. Why have high-profile researchers resigned from such a privileged position, and why they are castigating Google senior officials for their nemesis? The question that gets asked frequently by the community.

The staffers had detected refinements in the tech giant’s AI technology. The departures introspect perils on the company’s ability to recruiting talent who would resort to faults with the company’s projects when warranted.  “The reputational hit is a real thing,” AI chief Jeff Dean told a prolific news outlet ahead of the Google I/O developer conference. “But we have to move past this, and we are deeply committed to doing work in the space and feel it’s a really important area.”

The discord in the unit sparked outrageous infuriation across the Alphabet-owned Google, when Timnit Gebru, one of the few prominent Black women in the field called on the company for firing her allegedly based on their risk for bias in the AI unit. The sparking of turmoil oversaw many employees sign a petition in support of Gebru.The incident left to fallouts of the company’s ethical AI team founder, Margaret Mitchell after an investigation over security details. Since then, Google has been cohesive in restructuring its team that focuses on promising development of AI, but the catastrophe has dwindled the progress.

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