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Fitbit Tracker Revamped the Look of Charge 5

Fitbit Tracker is preparing an update to its line of Charge fitness trackers, and newly-leaked images offer our best look at what will likely be the refreshed design. The renders, from leaker Evan Blass, purportedly show the upcoming Charge 5 model.

The new Fitbit tracker looks like it shares design notes with Fitbit recent Luxe tracker, released in April. There’s an organic feel to the tracker, with a curved screen that blends into a more rounded body. Two slim panels on either side of the device look like they will offer capacitive controls, letting users tap and slide to navigate the tracker’s settings.

Fitbit Tracker has inserted capacitive buttons on past devices like the Charge 4 and Fitbit Sense, but they’re far from universally adored. In our review of the Sense, noted that they were fiddly to use, and inferior to physical buttons, especially if you’re navigating controls mid-workout.Based on these leaks, the other big change for the Charge 5 will be the addition of a colour screen, which has been a long time coming to the Charge series. Blass has also shared images of three different colourways for the device, including a dark charcoal colour, a muted teal, and a beigey cream.

The other specs are not revealed yet, but they are not expecting any big departures from Charge 4. Expect to see the usual array of heart tracking, sleep tracking, GPS, oxygen saturation monitoring, and the like. Fitbit has partnered with diabetes tracking company LifeScan, offering users the chance to keep tabs on blood sugar trends within the Fitbit app. LifeScan offers cloud-based tracking of glucose levels, which are detected using a prick of the user’s blood and now the two ecosystems will be synced together.

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