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First Molecular Electronics Chip Unveiled by Roswell Biotech

The molecular Electronics startup Roswell Biotechnologies, Inc. announced today the launch of the first molecular Electronics chip and the Roswell Molecular Electronics (ME) Platform for biosensing applications. The technology and an early development cooperation program were introduced during the company’s first Molecular Electronics Day in San Diego, which simultaneously honored the 50th anniversary of the Intel 4004, the original microprocessor chip.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences review a peer-reviewed manuscript co-authored by Roswell scientists and professors George Church, Ph.D. of Harvard and MIT, and James Tour, Ph.D. of Rice University. The Roswell ME Platform combines single molecules into electronic circuits acting as sensor elements to construct the first fully scaled biosensors on conventional semiconductor chips. The sensor converts real-time electrical readings from the dynamic process of molecular interactions.

The sensor targets are tailored to the specific molecule plugged into the device, resulting in a customizable and universal biosensor platform. This new type of single-molecule measurement with individual binding event resolution allows for an unparalleled and information-rich picture of biology, which has the potential to revolutionize critical markets.

On-chip technology produces a robust biosensor with unrivaled scalability for many applications on intelligent, small devices. The Roswell ME Platform is being built for drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, and sequencing applications. Fresh approaches to enhance the volume of molecular screening and new perspectives on how molecules interact drive drug discovery innovation. To achieve the ambitious objective of eradicating all diseases this century, fundamental advances in biology and new technology to promote personal health and wellness will be required.

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