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Facebook Owned Instagram Launches New Security Checkup Feature

Facebook Owned Instagram launches a new feature that aims to help you check your info quickly and easily so you can recover your account if you’ve been hacked. The new feature is Called the Security Checkup, the program walks you through steps such as checking your login information, updating your contact info, confirming which accounts share your info and reviewing your profile.

The social media service owned by Facebook outlined the checkup in a blog post on Tuesday. The post also outlined several recommendations for keeping your account secure outside of the new checkup. The picture and video sharing app recommended users enable two-factor authentication to make logging in more secure.Instagram reminded users that they don’t send direct messages and cautioned against spam pretending to be from them.Instagram also updated its support inbox, so you can keep track of the status of violations you’ve reported.

Facebook Owned Instagram is testing a new feature that will make it harder for users to share content. With this new feature, the social networking platform aims to stop you from spamming your friends.The company is testing a reshare sticker that can be placed on Stories. The report adds that with this new feature Instagram wants to make the shares more deliberate. Along with this, the company also wants to cut down on the number of spam in the stories.

Facebook Owned Instagram feels that hitting the share button on posts is too easy and the company wants to add an extra step to the process. As per the online report When selected, a recently viewed tab will surface and let users choose from posts they’ve seen in the last hour, saved, or posted, which they can then share in their story. They can insert IGTV, reels, and feed video content.


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