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Europe Eyes Strict Rules for Artificial Intelligence

The Europe Union wants to avoid the worst of Artificial Intelligence. Over the past year, AI has grown into the systems of most of the gigantic companies, but the strict rules could hamper their growth significantly. According to a draft of its upcoming rules, the European Commission would ban vital uses of high-risk artificial intelligence systems.

It would also limit others from entering the bloc if they don’t meet their standards. It could be a devastating year ahead for AI if certain restrictions get amended. Companies that don’t comply with the new rules could be fined £20 million or 4 percent of their annual turnover. The Commission will unveil its final regulation on April 21. It is the first time that the rules have been laid out to regulate AI. The unique approach from the Europe Union could inspire other countries as well.

It doesn’t want to leave high-tech companies to their devices like in the US, nor does it want to go by the way of China in Harnessing the tech to fashion a Surveillance state. Instead, the bloc wants to bolster the human-centric approach that can do the dual-aspect efficiently. It has a focal point of boosting the tech coupled with keeping AI away from threatening its strict privacy laws.

That means that AI procedures would now be limited to streamline manufacturing, model climate change predictions, or making energy more efficient. The composition change in AI would lay a large burden of workload on humans. Entrepreneurs have been trying to shift their heavyweight activities to AI to accustom themselves to more integral decisions regarding production and key matters. With this, the complexion changes upside down.

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