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ESP32-C6 and Bluetooth 5 LE’S new version for IoT Devices Coming: Espressif

Espressif systems launched their first-ever RISC-V wireless SoC last year. But the company hasn’t stopped here as it recently announced its second RISC-V processor with ESP32-C6 single-core 32-bit processor clocked at up to 160 MHz with both 2.4 GHz WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 LE connectivity.

Espressif systems CEO explains the multidimensional strategy to launch a new processor would engage more buyers as it uses expansive connectivity across various devices. ESP32-C6 is basically the same as ESP32-C3 except for the WiFi 6 radio. It also appears that ESP32-C6 doesn’t embody the optional embedded flash anymore. The embedded flash block has been removed from the block diagram.

WiFi 6 is normally associated with the support for dual-band WiFi like the faster throughput. That means that the radio leverages another 802.11ax feature such as the OFDMA mechanism for both uplink and downlink communications. We still don’t know when the WiFi 6 processor will be available, and Espressif Systems has also declined to comment on the proliferation. Just in case the customers need to know about the launch, they can contact the customer care number for further updates.

ESP32 chips are formed with the ESP-IDF framework which improves the Optimization and performance of the devices. The company will also make EST-Hosted and ESP-AT firmware available for customers wanting to control the new processor from an external host. It would be the first time that such tech is instilled and these ESP32-C6 chips are faster and help in increasing engagement from the networks. The mains consideration of the company has always been to outperform its previous standards, and with such swift moves, the company could definitely achieve that as per the customers’ demands.

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