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EMnify instills Cloud-Native IoT Connectivity to 20 Regions

EMnify, one of the leading Cloud Communication Platform providers for IoT today announced the launch of its new regions. The launch unleashed the cloud connect service of EMnify in 20 Amazon Web Services regions worldwide. EMnify holds a partnership with the AWS IoT competency, which allows it to integrate edge devices into the cloud.

Adopting the AWS Transit Gateway, EMnify cloud Connect establishes an intracellular connection between IoT devices and services commending on AWS. EMnify with the peculiar launch has addressed the primitive challenges faced in IoT today: Security and remote access.

While security comprises transmitting data using the public internet exposed devices to serious threats and malicious activities. This generally happens due to the lackluster of end-to-end encryption in the systems. The other side covers the remote access where the devices are not reachable from the application. It makes remote access and on-demand data transfer to the device challenging.

The Cloud Communication Device setup would only take a span of a few minutes using the AWS management console. And also extends the AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) transparently with a virtual private mobile network spanning over radio networks globally. IoT devices have gained popularity worldwide due to their connections with AWS, which is considered to be the best web service in the United States. The Cloud Communication Platform is the essence to prevent the devices from the contraction of the hackers.

Martin Giess, CTO and Founder, EMnify comments: “As a security-first provider, we know the security needs to be transparent, simple, and automated. The availability of Cloud Connect in all AWS regions is a major step forward in our vision for a secure access service edge architecture (SASE) for IoT.”

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