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Elgato Unveiled its First Webcam

Germany based Elgato unveiled a webcam for its gaming fans, the 1080/60fps Facecam. This is the biggest challenger for Razer’s Kiyo Pro, for the same $200, with class-leading software, including a real Mac app.The device doesn’t have a built-in mic, which makes sense given that its target buyers probably use either a standalone mic or headset, so if that matters to you, keep looking. Much of its processing and the components it uses are common among newer, high-quality webcams.

That includes incorporating a Starvis sensor, a line of Sony’s commercial imaging sensors designed for use in security cameras, which is the current darling of webcam manufacturers. Germany based Elgato pipeline allows it to send unencoded video to software that supports it, which eliminates steps in the pipeline that can degrade the video quality.

The Facecam has a fixed-focus lens across the range from 12 to 47 in. That means the entire field of view is in focus. It eliminates having to worry about autofocus problems. The Facecam captures video at 1080p at up to 60 frames per second and is powered by a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor, the same tech used by professional directors and photographers.

Videos we captured on Facecam were largely smooth, stable and detailed. The camera’s 60 frame-per-second output made our movements and facial gestures look fluid across functions. Additionally, we could make out fine details such as the stubble in our beard and the text in our tattoo. But when comparing photos and clips to those we captured on the Logitech StreamCam and Razer Kiyo Pro, the Facecam’s cracks started to show.

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