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Deutsche Based T-Mobile Falsified Evidence to Get Approval

Deutsche Based T-Mobile has made many misleading statements in the testimony to the California Public Utilities Commission about the company’s plans for Sprint’s legacy Code Division Multiple Access networks. The company will have the opportunity to explain why the company shouldn’t face sanctions for violating the commission’s rules.

The decision comes after a long back-and-forth that started with a petition from Dish Network in April asking the Commission to modify the decision on the Sprint acquisition. Dish Network said that Deutsche Based T-Mobile has made statements under the commitment that indicated the company would shut down Sprint’s 3G CDMA network in a three-year timeframe.

Deutsche Based T-Mobile announced it would decommission the network on January 1st, 2022, Dish network screamed foul and appealed to the commission. The company said that it would seem that CPUC agrees with Dish Network. They also cited testimony given by the company’s CTO Neville Ray, who it says neglected to mention that the PCS spectrum the CDMA network occupies would be needed for its 5G build-out.

Ray also stated that maintaining the legacy network would not impact its plans for 5G expansion. Dish Network called out the 2022 Code Division Multiple Access shutdown dates as premature, T-Mobile then claimed that the short timeframe was necessary because that PCS spectrum would be needed to support 5G services after all.If the company can’t give an important reason for violating the Commission’s rules, it may be ordered to pay up to $100,000 in fines for each of its offences. The company agreed to sell Sprint’s prepaid brand Boost Mobile to Dish as a condition of the merger deal.

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