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Detroit Zoo Voucher Free for People who Donate Electronics

In recognition of America Recycles Day, the Detroit Zoological Society has announced that it will be collecting devices on November 15 and 16. The collection will be held at the Water Tower parking lot on the north side of the Detroit Zoo parking structure from noon to 6 p.m. The group will help to reduce the amount of electronic waste dumped in landfills. The DZS stated that it accepts large and small gadgets, including printers, non-tube televisions, computers, batteries, radios, phones, and other electronic equipment.

Technology allows for a better quality of life, but many methods used to extract materials, make items, and dispose of them at the end of their useful lives are harmful to the environment. Community members can make a significant contribution to decreasing these deadly consequences by recycling electronic debris. According to reports, any vehicle that submits electronic garbage in 2021 will receive a voucher for one free entrance to the Detroit Zoo during regular hours on any working Monday through Thursday.

According to the DZS, a guest who coordinates with other houses and delivers a full car of devices to be recycled would receive up to two vouchers. According to the DZS, electronic recycling waste allows coltan, a mineral present in personal gadgets, to be repurposed, reducing demand and protecting gorilla habitats in Africa. Participants should erase their personal information from their mobile devices before dropping them off, according to the DZS. Hard drives will be destroyed in accordance with US Department of Defense guidelines.

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