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DeepMind Continues the Hunt for Prolific AI Researchers

DeepMind, the London-based artificial intelligence lab acquired by Google in 2014, has been rallying its efforts to search for the world’s best AI researchers in Toronto, Canada.

The company has been busy advertising for scientists in Toronto through its website. The plans of the company are crystal clear as they want to build a fully-fledged AI team at the base of Canada. Will they succeed in doing that is in doubt.

DeepMind further asserted that it already has a team working out of a Google office in Toronto. The network has acquired around 51 employees across the country, according to a report instituted by LinkedIn. AI research has grown its coverage over the past few years, and Canada is become the epicenter out of a host of countries involved in the specialized field.

Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, recalled as the inceptors of the godfathers of artificial intelligence are based in Canada, with Hinton in Toronto and Bengio in Montreal. The vigorous connections across the world have helped them stay close to the technology and provided them the desired results.

Artificial Intelligence, as described by both of them is a way to find out the best impetus available in the field of science and technology. DeepMind is operating in the major congregations of AI and competing with OpenAI and Facebook AI Research. It hired Facebook AI Research (FAIR) co-founder Rob Fergus to lead the New York team last June.DeepMind headquarters are based in London, and the majority of its 1,000 employees are working under AI research. It shows that how much endeavor the company is putting in to do wonders in the field.

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