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Communication between Southern Hancock School District Streamlined

Officials with the Southern Hancock County Community School Corporation say they will soon have a better way of connecting with parents. Officials from the district aim to launch a new communication technology called ParentSquare, which will serve as a centralised information hub for everyone, in time for the 2022-23 school year. Superintendent Lisa Lantrip expressed her delight at the addition of such a tool to the district.

ParentSquare, based in California, claims to be used by millions of educators and families in 44 states for unified, effective school communications on its website. The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation, for example, launched ParentSquare for staff and parents in July 2020. Parents can keep track of news, activities, and events from all of their children’s schools in one spot, according to her.

Forms and permission slips, the ParentSquare app, syncing with Skyward, message metrics, one-to-one and group messaging, real-time translation features, and urgent messaging are just a few of the useful features. Officials and residents of Southern Hancock communicate via a variety of social media sites as well as a software called school messenger. They also employ email and text alerts. According to Wes Anderson, director of school and community relations, ParentSquare will be the district’s primary messaging tool next year.

Teachers, principals, and administrators who presently use a technology called school messenger to send emails, texts, phone calls, and school newsletters will soon use ParentSquare to consolidate all of those messages into one place for parents. Whether a message comes from the district, a principal, a teacher, or a coach, all messages will be in one place, saving parents the time of having to check multiple emails, texts, or social media apps to find out what’s going on with their child or the district.

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