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Chrome OS Flex can be Installed in the EOL Chromebook

Chrome OS Flex, Google’s official solution for breathing new life into aged Macs and Windows PCs with the help of the lightweight operating system, was introduced earlier this week. The programme is built to work with hardware that is up to 13 years old. Interestingly, even though Google does not advocate it, end-of-life Chromebook may be able to benefit.

Chromebook users who have reached their Auto Update Expiration (AUE) have started installing Chrome OS Flex with varying degrees of success (as noted by 9to5Google). The operating system appears to be working nicely on the Acer C720, Asus Chromebox CN60, HP Chromebook 14 G1, and Lenovo N21 computers, according to some Redditors.

However, installing Chrome OS Flex on your old Chromebook is more difficult than it is on Macs and Windows PCs. To utilise it, you must first disable firmware write protection, which ensures that your system is secure. The steps to disable it differ depending on the device, but they all need you to open up your hardware. The entire procedure is so intimidating that Google does not suggest it. The company admits that it works, but warns that there may be issues with firmware and device compatibility, installation, and updates.

On the other hand, getting a Windows PC or a Mac up and running is significantly easier. To produce a bootable Chrome OS Flex image, all you need is a USB stick with enough space. You can then use that disc to try out the OS on your current hardware before installing it on your device if you’re happy with the results. Google even allows enterprise users to deploy own networks.

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