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Cava looks set to convert Zoe’s restaurant approach

Cava looks set to convert Zoe’s restaurant approach as the trends got evolved in the wake of the pandemic. The pandemic has altered consumer preferences in the restaurant space, as they shifted from relying on dine-in to focusing more on delivery and takeaways now.

Zoe’s restaurant conversion will help Cava to create better growth in the suburbs, which is the most trending platform to create opportunities for the restaurant brands. The brand says that its partnership with Zoe’s restaurant is poising up the opportunity of capitalism in the suburbs.The restaurant’s parent, Cava Group, acquired Zoe’s kitchen in 2018, which was a massive step in taking the company private. The group insisted that the new subsidiary portfolio of 28 stores allows it an expansion to reach the new suburban markets rapidly.

“We see the ability to unlock significant revenue growth in Zoe’s real estate when we convert it to a Cava location,” CEO Brett Schulman told media outlets. Cava being a private entity does not publicize its annual revenue report. Last year, the Washington DC-based company enforced seven conversions of Zoe’s locations, and there 12 in line for Development in 2021. About 80% of Cava’s sites are in the suburban markets.

The company grossed on delivering relevant meals for the individual living in the suburbs as they felt that a company should focus on delivering both lunch and dinner to the suburbs, as it is a vital step if you’re a food chain in suburbia. Cava isn’t the only chain looking to the suburbs for their growth.Cava also has second digital and off-premise kitchens in every restaurant that are dedicated to preparing food for online orders, as it has become crucial for the company to emphasize digital skills, as well.

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