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C5ISR Tests Various technologies to Boost Future of Battlefield Capabilities

The C5ISR recently conducted a Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst exercise to try the capabilities of new technologically advanced tools in an operational environment. The U.S. Army network research team has reported various technologies in its latest exercise robot connectivity which will help to combat future battlefield.

The exercise found that it is C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards has advanced capabilities and increases the interoperability of tools. The U.S. Army plans to integrate the capabilities of CMOSS on Stryker armored vehicles. According to reports, the U.S. Network Research team, during the exercise, also demonstrated the capability of UH-60 Black Hawk and Nett Warrior. The Nett Warrior is a dismounted soldier situational awareness system.

In the first few weeks of the NetModX, the U.S. network research team demonstrated the positioning, navigation, and timing accuracy of the new technologies and later experimented with solutions put forward by new vendors.The new products that were experimented with at NetModX were waveforms, PNT, CMOSS, and their capabilities for data encryption, tactical communication, and their capability to beat the enemy using the electromagnetic spectrum.

The vendors that actively participated in the experiment included Collins Aerospace, Curtiss-Wright, SRC, Trellisware Technologies, Spectranetix, General Dynamics Mission Systems, and L3Harris Technologies. The C5ISR Center also demonstrated the capability of robotic combat vehicles that would give better accessibility to the soldiers and enhanced network connection. The C5ISR Center, to give better radio connectivity to the operator, has developed a Network Coverage Overlay to evaluate the strength of their radio connection.

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