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Businesses Geared Up to Keep Obsolete Electronic Devices out of Landfills

In observance of Earth day, businesses are gearing up to invite customers to sort through their unwanted Electronic Devices and recycle them for free on April 22.  Electronic Devices such as computers and cell phones contain heavy metals, combustible chemicals, and other toxic materials, including lithium batteries, that are not biodegradable.

These toxic minerals could burst up if they are not combust or deposed rightly. It can end up in the deep chores of soil, water, and air resources if not taken care of with due diligence. “We have always taken consumers’ devices for recycle purposes, but this partnership gives us access to Samsung’s authorized recycle partners, which allows us to be a recycle hub for customers more fully,” Lessaris says, owner of uBreakifix.

Earth day which was established in 1970, and is celebrated every year on April 22. It was inaugurated with a special motive to spread awareness of the need to protect our natural environment. On the contrary, many people have been celebrating it by cutting trees, but the greater impact on the environment has been caused by the pollution arising from electronic products. That is the primitive reason why the businesses are gearing up for scaling the recycling process for free.

According to the United Nation’s  Global E-waste Monitor 2020, around 53.6 million waste got derived from Electronic Devices. It is an extension of e-waste by 21% over the last five years. The companies are collaborating with each other to go on with the initiative of eradicating the majority of E-waste and recycling them for efficient utilization.

Another concern that arises across the users is that what to do with their confidential credentials stored on their old phones or systems. The companies have asserted that they can help the community to erase their private information from the devices which will not take much effort.

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