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Boy Scouts from Massachusetts Helps Recycle Electronics

Electronics recycling isn’t as simple as it once was. To assist residents in western Massachusetts with this chore, Boy Scout Troop 570 held a fundraiser at Mittineague Congregational Church to give a method to do so while also improving the environment. The town no longer makes it easy to dispose of devices, and all we needed was an environmentally friendly and straightforward manner for individuals to do so. Unfortunately, local individuals and businesses with outdated, unwanted technology all donated to the cause, which resulted in a long queue of cars.

“We recycle components we take off from job sites, but to do it and benefit the troop, even more valuable, so a double bonus for us,” Jay Lacasse, owner of Circle Nine Technologies, said. New England Devices in West Springfield took the lead on this project for Troop 570. Everything was donated, from laptops to televisions. This will not only free up room in homes, but it will also free up space in landfills, which are becoming increasingly crowded. But reducing landfill waste is only one part of the solution.

They’re collecting any old gadgets and recycling them. They have partners who deal with this material to break it down and shred it, so nothing ends up in landfills. Also can reuse and recycle many of these components, and they recycle all of the wires we remove from job sites for the same reason: to keep them out of landfills and reuse them. Recycled materials can be used to make products, which saves energy and reduces pollution. For each Electronics, donations were welcomed, with the proceeds going to the Boy Scouts, who live by the motto “leave it better than you found it.”

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