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Artificial Intelligence; A Collapse to Human Endeavor? Let’s find out

In our consensus, it is a downright fact that in the upcoming years Artificial Intelligence will outwork Human– if not directly demolishing their perpetuation in key areas of life. How much our position will get endangered and outworked, is up for debate, while many experts battle it out to find conclusive theories.

Noble Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman shared a flashpoint that raised conflicting arguments across the state. In the tussle between Artificial Intelligence and Human, he was inclined to the fact that it’s going to be a blown-out and will crumble. “Clearly Artificial Intelligence is going to win [against Human intelligence]. It’s not even close,” Kahneman told the paper. “How people are going to adjust to this is a fascinating problem.”

Why follow the advice of Kahneman, is he that good? Well for facts, yes,  he is a screamer! His 2011 Book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” two million copies already sold- is one of the most influential and inspirational books in the field of behavioral economics. Through his tome, he has promulgated the rationalism behind the Human thought process and what leaves us in a precedented state to make decisions about our future.

According to Kahneman, we are lackluster and unprepared to circumvent the forthcoming takeover of Artificial Intelligence. The pandemic stalling has divulged to  minds and left a staggering mark on their lives. Following the notion, he stated that the exponential growth of the virus has had a disastrous effect on mental health, and Human have become potentially unequipped to do the basic math today as their minds get surrounded by anxious thoughts.We are generally accustomed to evaluate the outcome in a more or less linear world. Exponential phenomenon accelerating at a faster pace is really something else that we haven’t come across for ages.

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