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Apple to Hire Engineers For Developing In-house Wireless Semiconductor Chips

Apple is hiring new team of engineers for its office in California to develop in-house wireless chips. Currently, the wireless chips are supplied by Skyworks Solutions and Broadcom. The company is planning to develop wireless chips and other wireless semiconductors in Irvine. The company Broadcom and Skyworks and other chips developers also have offices in Irvine. This is a part of broader strategy to expand its offices as well as an approach to make more of its own components.

Apple seeks to hire talent that is skilled in particular technologies and make its products stand-out by in-house chip design teams. With the Irvine office, plans to expand its presence in the region as well as bring more technology in-house. Wireless radios, radio-frequency integrated and other key components will be the key work of engineers.

Also, wireless connecting component development will be done. The wireless radios, radio-frequency integrated circuits and all the above components are currently provided to Apple by Qualcomm, Skyworks, and Broadcom. The latest models lunched by, AirPods and Watch include custom parts that connect with devices. Also, the latest iPhone handsets launched by has U1 ultra-wideband chips that targets to accurate location and connects with AirTag accessories and other devices.

Apple new custom components in its devices has allowed to provide advanced features to the users and accelerate its market value to nearly $3 trillion. Now, the chip unit of Apple is considered the most prized asset which is expected to boost it growth substantially in near future.

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