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Apple is launching MacBook Pro with mini-LED Reports

According to reports the American multinational tech giant will launch MacBook Pro with mini-LED soon. This news about the firm has left customers excited and curious. Reports say the new product will launch in coming October or November.

Apple is been delivering multiple versions of iPhone to the customers since 2013. The tech giant had announced a redesigned iPhone providing 5G connectivity to the users. But the company has not yet planned any major update this year.

According to reports from the suppliers say that the latest MacBook Pro embedded with mini-LED will be launched soon in October or November. Reports say, the plans to launch the product were months before but had delayed due to shortages of chip supplies.According to industry sources the MacBook Pro models will be soon available to the customers. However, Apple has not yet commented on the rumors in the media and among customers and has not yet officially stated any information regarding its new product.

If the company lunches new product in October or November, its sales may surge as shoppers will approach the shops for buying the new MacBook Pro model. The model is expected to feature next-generation Apple silicon chips and overall a new touch to the smart device.It is said that the company is about to introduce the model with thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air. Since the release of the news and reports on social media Apple’s sprawling campus is overcrowded by hundreds of journalists.

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