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Apple In Tussle with the Chinese Electronic Company Over Trademarks

On Tuesday, Apple Inc. was involved in a trade-off war over trademarks with the Chinese electronic company that claimed patent rights. It is believed that the Seattle-based company’s owners opposed a trademark applied for by Shenzhen Guardian Bao Communication Co. Ltd.

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board filing takes the issue of Apple claims on trademarks over its iPhone sign, which is replicated entirely by the Chinese electronic company. The identicalness of the proposed mark “aifonx” to the Apple contents would have a detrimental effect on the company’s integrity and reputation. It will also enhance the ambiguity across the consumer as to which is true or fake.

According to the opposition, the war of words between acquiring the publishing rights by Shenzhen Guardian was way after Apple popularity. In addition, the opposer’s marks have been used in connection with the iPhone X since Nov. 3, 2017, when brought the model to market.The TTAB condemned the approach adopted by the electronic company and argued that iPhone registration constitutes prima facia evidence of exclusive rights to use the trademarks for the deposition of goods and services specified. Despite the condescending factor, Apple claims that Shenzhen went ahead to register the proposed mark with consumer electronics.

Apple claims that the billed mark  is pretentious and way too similar “visually, aurally, conceptually, and in overall commercial impression.” through a filing intimidates that this is an offer of conflicts of interests and asks the TTAB to refuse Shenzhen Publication’s proposed mark. The company saw a sniff about the grounds in which the matter is being regulated, which also includes the lack of bona fide use in commerce and the rise in dilution by blurring the facts. It would rage customers to opt-out of Apple, initiating an outrageous blow.

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