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An Apple Exec Confirmed the iPhone 13 Launch Event

Lisa Jackson, an Apple executive, updated her Twitter profile today, possibly unwittingly revealing that this year’s media event will be a virtual affair. With the Delta strain of the coronavirus still spreading like wildfire, it’s no wonder that many states have begun to reintroduce new COVID-19 safety measures. So it would be surprising if held its iPhone 13 launch in front of a live crowd with that in mind.

Jackson’s latest Twitter shot was taken in an area where we regularly see pre-recorded pieces for media events, which is why the Apple world is buzzing. Furthermore, there is production machinery visible in the backdrop. As a result of these factors, some individuals believe Apple has already begun taping portions for its next media presentation. According to reports, media event is expected to take place in the first half of September.

The timing of Jackson’s new profile photo almost proves it now. Even though we’re in the S cycle, the next-generation iPhone is likely called the iPhone 13. As Apple officials have already stated, the S naming scheme can sometimes detract from an otherwise outstanding iPhone release. However, aside from the naming system, the iPhone 13 appears to be a solid upgrade. To begin with, the notch is becoming noticeably smaller.The notch on the iPhone 12 is 34.88mm wide, while the gap on the iPhone 13 will be 36.8mm wide. There will also be some improvements to the display. A 120Hz ProMotion display is expected to be included in the iPhone 13 Pro variants. If you’ve seen it on the iPad Pro, you’re aware that it’s a game-changer. The new display technology will provide improved responsiveness, fluid scrolling, and smoother motion content.

The iPhone 13 will also include an Always-On display. This will be similar to the Watch in terms of design. Simply put, the time and relevant notifications will always be displayed on the iPhone display. The screen will not constantly be on full blast; while not in use, it will be muted. Other speculated upgrades include a 1TB storage option, longer battery life, and increased camera performance, in addition to an entirely new processor. This year, Apple will release four iPhone 13 versions. Fortunately, all four models are expected to hit shops in September. Given that previous years’ debut dates for various iPhone models were staggered, this is a welcome change of pace. Expect nothing out of the ordinary in terms of pricing this year.

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