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Amazon’s new Fire TV Omni QLED Review

In the latest hardware sale event, Amazon’s announced the Fire TV Omni QLED. The company recently announced and explained the features of the new Fire TV Omni QLED series. Not only it comes with QLED, but also Dolby Vision, HDR10+ adaptar and so much more. Amazon’s has also improved the image quality to provide justice to the amazing sound experience.

Last year, when Amazon’s launched these QLED TV series, it was merely the setups that were inexpensive and targeted the consumers on a tight budget. But this year, the company announced the two new products in the same series, costing $800 and $1100, respectively. The former product is a 65 inch 4k model and the latter is a 75 inch 4k model.

The latest light sensors present in the Fire TV Omni QLED lets the user get the bright, vibrant, ambient experience like never before. It displays artwork at times the user is not watching anything on the TV. Also, you can ask Alexa anytime regarding the artword and the creator of any artwork as you wish to know.

For the more practical side of use, Alexa can even display widgets like weather, news, etc. on the home screen for the user to access. Another cool feature is that the TV can play music without keeping the display on at all times. Isn’t this what we always wanted for Youtube?

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