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Amazon Delivery Agents Obliged to Integrate AI Surveillance

Amazon is well known for its technological expertise across the world, using AI Surveillance to monitor and control the activities of its workers for better performance. Earlier this year, the tech giant Amazon installed a new range of machine learning-powered surveillance cameras in its delivery vans.

But now it faces a huge concern on its hands, whether the delivery drives consent with this policy? Nevertheless, even if they don’t agree with the policies in the given time frames they will get furloughed from their job. AI Surveillance is a concealed Method to ensure proper efficiency in the activities of a company.

Amazon delivery drivers in the US now have to sign biometric forms to continue working for the retailing giants. What area of information is collected does vary in vans due to the installation of different AI surveillance cameras. Amazon’s privacy policy covers a wide range of data.

The data that drivers must consent to be collected includes photographs used to verify their identity, vehicle location, and movements (including “miles are driven, speed, acceleration, braking, turns, following distance”). It also includes photographs for potential risky driver behavior comprising drowsy driving or rash driving. The last point ascertained seems to be the one more contentious than the others.

In February, Amazon declared that it will be installing AI-powered inbuilt cameras in its delivery vans. Following the announcement, the company stroked a deal with tech firm Netradyne to install cameras that record footages 24*7. The system is technically supreme as it gives real-time feedback to the drivers, stating them to take a rest or keep their eyes on the road. The level of micromanaging and not sustaining accurate results has angered the drivers union, and they look to resonate the idea with full force.

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