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Alexa smart home Gets Rid of Ghost Devices

People generally instill more than a couple of smart home devices in their homes. It raises ambiguity as people may prefer one device over another and rename them a few times with the same name. The smart home devices generally come up with a default configuration that could be changed in settings by the users.

In compliance with so many smart home devices, you would forget to update the Alexa smart home. Alexa will lose track of devices if you rename them, but you could set your smart home right in one swoop.Try to mimic a voice command to Alexa smart home to turn a smart light on. It wouldn’t recognize the name as you have renamed it and unfortunately respond with a stark reminder about not being able to follow the orders.”Sorry,” Alexa will say, “I didn’t find a device named [the new name you gave the device in the app].”

Do the process repetitive times, and you’ll observe that your smart home device will become virtually unusable. Untangling such a mess could prove to worsen your woes as it may seem Alexa into the frail, and you might continue to control your smart home with myriad apps on your phone. Preferably the users should rely on not renaming the devices so that Alexa could recognize the thesis they are referring to.

Fortunately, the avoidance of the virtually unusable Alexa smart home is easier than expected. You’ll have to delete your entire smart home setup and start all over again. It is a coherent process and would hardly take more than a couple of minutes. When it’s completed you can go back to ordering Alexa around with instructions and it’ll start working again smoothly.

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